What We Do

Within Lakeview there are multiple areas of expertise. Depending on needs and circumstances, a client may work with just one, some, or across all of our disciplines. The professionals within our firm are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and addressing the varying needs of each individual client.

Asset Management

We use an investment process that is fully supported by our own independent and proprietary methodologies for managing our various investments strategies across the risk continuum. Dedicated research plays a vital role in every stage of our investment process, from security selection and portfolio construction to risk management.

Many of our clients value our ability to analyze, assess and select individual securities. This ability distinguishes us from consultants and pure “manager-of-managers,” who lack the capability or institutional willingness to employ fundamental research in the valuation of actual investments. We are deeply committed to what we offer and remain accountable for our decisions in a way we feel few firms do. This deep asset management focus results in thorough, first-hand investment knowledge and experience.

Our objectives are to create long-term value for our investors by generating consistent, positive, absolute returns while protecting investor capital, and to develop new, carefully considered investment opportunities. We offer experience and depth across asset classes and styles, including equity, fixed income and alternative investments.

Three key components drive our portfolio construction.

Bottom-Up Security Selection and Sophisticated, Fundamental Research – Utilizing individual security analysis we seek to identify and invest in companies that effectively deploy capital and have sound prospects for future opportunities and have consistently demonstrated strong performance.

Top-Down, Macroeconomic Perspective – We employ top-down annual forecast of broad, global macroeconomic trends and valuation level trends to develop economic and market outlook views. Our process determines investment themes and broad assets allocation preferences. We analyze long-term thematic trends to help anticipate market reactions, capture opportunities, and seek to mitigate unnecessary risks.

Comprehensive Risk Management – Protecting client capital serves as the key in the stock selection phase. This, complemented with the research methodology outlined above, seeks to ensure that our client's long-term goals are met. Our risk management practices are based on both quantitative and qualitative analyses implemented at both the individual position and total portfolio levels.

Investment Advisory

Coupled with the dedicated investment resources and insights, we are able to provide investment solutions that complement our proprietary, internally managed strategies and are responsive to diverse market circumstances and opportunities. Our solution set is broad and deep in order to address every circumstance.

We seek investment managers that have a clear investment philosophy that they can articulate simply and apply consistently. We believe that within each asset class, there are a small number of investments that stand out from their peers. Employing a thorough due diligence process, we evaluate a range of investment managers and strategy alternatives for potential selection. It is these “best of breed” investments that we can uniquely leverage to build our client’s portfolios.

In other words, the chosen solutions may come from our proprietary suite of investment strategies or external managers. Regardless of the source, the ultimate selection is driven by our market insights and investment convictions, and guided by our fiduciary role of what we determine best serves our clients. The entire process is managed through rigorous ongoing oversight and reporting and focuses more specifically on asset allocation design, investment policy, manager selection and monitoring, performance analysis and attribution analysis, and portfolio risk management.

Wealth Strategy

Comprehensive, unbiased planning is essential to wealth management. We understand the dynamics within families and manage wealth in the context of broader family considerations. Our wealth planning professionals combine detailed analysis with sound judgement and with the specific knowledge of many areas, including, financial planning, trust and estate planning, tax planning, cash flow planning, and gift planning.

Alternative Investments

When we determine that based on a client’s situation and risk tolerance it is appropriate for exposure to alternative investments, we offer advice and access to a variety of solutions that are typically reserved for institutional investors. Alternatives are typically investments that don’t fall into the categories of traditional investments, namely long-only stocks, bonds, or cash, and have a different return profile. Savvy investors are increasingly looking towards alternatives (opportunistic, secondary market, deep value, hedge funds, private equity/debt, direct investing in real estate and operating companies) as an asset class to balance investment portfolios and extract better relative returns with less correlation to the markets.

Bespoke Mandates

Lakeview can develop a wide range of solutions for investors requiring a specific investment strategy or exposure to particular themes. Strategies may include thematic, strategic, ethical and socially responsible and global “best ideas” to meet a broad spectrum of client objectives.